Rounding Off Your Autumnal Interiors With Ora

With the clocks going back and autumnal nights drawing in, homes up and down the UK will no doubt be transformed into cosy corners of comfort for many.  If you’re spending more time at home, it’s nice to introduce a seasonal flavour to your interiors styling and bring a freshness to your daily surroundings.

At Ora, of course, we think that kitchens, supper, and dining tables can be no better dressed than with a stack of Ora in a stylish coloured base. So, it goes without saying that we’ve just released a limited-edition range of bases in colours to help you do just that. 

So say hello to Awesome Aubergine, Fabulous Forest Green and Irresistible Indigo Blue, all shades which complement some of the hottest interiors colour palettes of the year.  

As the festive season approaches, if you’re looking to break from the traditional red and gold, you could look at introducing aubergine to your tablescaping. It works a dream in sumptuous yuletide settings, bringing a richness that works especially well alongside greens and metallics. 

Meanwhile the trend for bringing the outside in continues long into the winter, making Ora’s Forest Green base an excellent addition to any home which has embraced this look. On that note, anyone else acquired so many indoor plants that watering them takes longer than cleaning the kitchen after a dinner party? No? Just us then… whoops!  Anyway, we digress.  

Finally, Indigo Blue is one of the most versatile colours of the moment. Simply by pairing it with another colour, it can adapt to a host of different looks.  Pair with white and you have a classic coastal look; yellow for a French country interiors feel or, for something really striking, mix it with other dining table accessories such as glasses or napkins in the on trend lime shade of chartreuse.

The bases are available in limited quantities and are exclusive to our Ora store.  If you’re on Instagram, you may have seen that we are running a competition to mark the launch of these colours.  If you’re not already, then it’s worth giving us on @Ora-Home a follow as it’s where we first announce news on promotions and new products.  If you are already following us, why don’t you tag us to share how you style your Ora at home? We love being inspired by how people incorporate Ora into their homes, and we’re especially keen to see our new limited-edition colours are settling in!

November 16, 2021