Why are Ora Towels round?
It all started when Oday, our founder, made a simple observation; when using paper towels the corners are rarely used – so why have them? We thought it was quite wasteful so set about seeing if we could come up with a new design which reduced unnecessary waste. 

Are Ora household towels as absorbent & strong as my current towel?

We believe Ora towels strike the right balance between strength and absorbency. Being versatile, they are strong enough when wet and soft enough to wipe a child's face. 

Is your packaging recyclable?
All aspects of Ora’s packaging are recyclable. In fact our pulp bases are made using industrial paper waste. 

Are Ora Household Towels recyclable? 
As Ora Household Towels are made from paper, they are recyclable. However, it is important to be aware that any paper which is very dirty cannot be recycled by most recycling facilities.

Are your plastic bases recyclable? 
Our coloured bases are made from ABS which is a highly recyclable plastic.

Why do you charge postage?
Unfortunately, as a small British business we do not yet have the scale to be able to offer free delivery and still be a commercially viable operation. However, it is a subsidised postal charge in order to deliver the best value possible. 

Can I get next day delivery?
At the moment we are unable to offer next day delivery but as we develop our range and grow, we hope to be able to add this as an option soon. 

Where are Ora household towels made?
Ora is proudly designed and made in Britain.

What paper do you use to make Ora Household Towels?
The paper we use to make Ora Household Towels is virgin FSC certified bleached wood pulp.  

From where is your paper sourced?

The sourcing of our paper varies according to availability and price. However, we have very strict procurement rules and we will only use paper which has been sourced from FSC certified forests.

What starch is used in your towels?

Ora Household Towels are made using potato starch. We do not use wheat starch as an ingredient in Ora Household Towels.

What glue is used in Ora Household Towels? 
The only glue we use is hot melt glue and it is used to facilitate the turnover of the reels rather than as an ingredient in the actual towel itself. This is vegan friendly.

Are Ora Household Towels Vegan Friendly?
Ora Household Towels are vegetarian and vegan friendly.