We take inspiration from the everyday, rethinking products we use on a daily basis to bring fun, style and an eco makeover to them.

We believe that aesthetics, smart thinking & collaboration can lead to more exciting products, which can actually be better for our customers and the environment.


It all started when Oday, our founder, made a simple observation; when using paper towels the corners are rarely used – so why have them?

Kitchen towel hasn’t changed since it was first launched in the 1930’s. It’s very useful but can also be wasteful. It’s too easy to use more than you really need and it also takes up a lot of space in transportation. The paper is puffed out to feel bulky and there is also an empty inner cardboard tube. Plus it’s not exactly the most beautiful thing in your kitchen. So husband & wife team, Oday and Colena, wondered could they take the kitchen roll out from under the sink & reinvent it for the 21st Century?

We started with a simple hand made prototype that we took to a major UK supermarket. The meeting went really well and they wanted to stock us as soon as possible. Except we had a new challenge: we had no idea how to manufacture it at scale and needed to figure that out, and fast.

We love collaborating with like minded people and organisations, so we joined forces with Acumen and PA Consulting to help us bring our first product to supermarket shelves in record time. The award winning Ora Household Towels was launched.


Ora Household Towels are the first stylish one hand grab household towels.

• One hand grab is especially useful in multi-tasking or messy moments

• Each towel is sized to provide no more and no less paper than you need

• Stacked, rather than on a roll, to help you take just one at a time

• Contemporary design so they look good in any room in your home

• Complement your interior style with our base colour range

• More compact and take up less space at home

• Designed to waste less all round


Ora Household Towels were created because we believe there is an unnecessary amount of paper wasted with conventional rolls of kitchen towels, where it is easy to take more than your need. We wanted to find a better way to make the humble household towel more environmentally friendly by design. We are still committed to this principal.

We only use FSC accredited paper in the manufacture of Ora Household Towels and our factory is powered by renewable green energy. We are committed to achieving a zero landfill policy at our manufacturing plant by the end of 2021.

Currently 99% of our waste does not go to landfill and is recycled.
We repurpose our waste stream to make the pulp bases and we ensure all the materials we use in every Ora product is recyclable. We try to source as locally as possible.

We are a Woodland Trust Corporate Member, helping to create, restore and protect UK woodland.