6 Ora Hacks For A Fuss Free Barbecue


At Ora we love a barbecue.  We've currently all got all limbs and digits crossed that the sun will finally make an appearance in time for the bank holiday weekend, because to us, no summer bank holiday weekend would be complete without firing up the barbecue.

The buzzy informality of a get together with friends and family of all ages in sunny weather brings a hazy happiness that’s hard to replicate with other types of gatherings.  A barbecue during the day means kids can run around playing hide and seek in between burger bites while adults enjoy laid back chatter. And if an evening barbecue is more your thing, a gathering of mates and favourite playlists bring an instant backyard festival vibe to any weekend.

But the best barbecues serve simple, honest and tasty grub that can be easily adapted to accommodate different dietary requirements. So having Ora’s to hand at your summer sizzler, feels like a no brainer to us.  Here are six reasons why

1. Mopping up mess

Of course. Things get messy when people get together and have fun.  That’s how it should be.  So make it easy on yourself when it comes to clearing spills, sploshes and dollops and make the clean-up as fuss free and quick as possible.  Grab an Ora and with one towel and a quick wipe, you’ll need to give it no more time than necessary.

2. Use them to serve up sticky wings and burgers

No barbecue would be complete without a selection of finger licking treats to enjoy. The problem is that sitting down to eat, can take the edge off the casual vibe at any barbecue.  Instead of having a pile of plates and napkins when serving up ribs and burgers and the like, have a stack of Ora instead… and ta-da!... plate and napkin all in one.

3. You can dot them all over the house and garden

All the best barbecues have milling around.  You might be cooking outside but it's mandatory for guests to wander in and out the house, pop to the loo, have a chit chat in the kitchen or pull up a rug at the other end of the garden around a firepit and entertain the chief BBQer whilst they're working their magic. It’s what makes a barbecue such a welcoming way to entertain.  But that also means you run the risk of ketchup fingerprints on the light switch in the kitchen, half eaten burgers strewn around and left on the coat pile and the risk of spills and mess spreading beyond just the dining room table. A few stacks of Ora dotted around the entertaining space make it easy for people to help themselves to wipe up any mess and hygienically dry hands in bathrooms and kitchens.  Plus, if you’ve not served the burgers the food up in an Ora – see point 2 – it makes the collection of half eaten burgers so much more pleasant.

4. Glass and food covers

Ora towels are strong and resilient, even when wet. If you need an impromptu cover for the jug of sangria, bowls of nibbles and even guests’ glasses left unattended on the side, simply wet an Ora towel, wring it out and then drape it over the tops of any serveware and glasses to provide a protective cover from insects, pollen and other airborne outdoor dining hazards.  The weight of the water will keep it in place.

5. Ice lolly drip catcher

If it’s a family get together, you can be sure that bringing out the ice cream and ice lollies will be a hit with everybody.  Ensure the Tongue Twisters make it into bellies and not your furniture and pop the lolly stick through the centre of an Ora to act as a drip catcher.  The temptation to wipe hands on rugs, tablecloths and beanbags once their finished will also be diminished if an Ora comes with a lolly at the start!

6. Introducing a colour scheme

If you want to dress your barbecue space, an instant and cost effective way to create instant impact is to introduce a colour scheme.  Balloons, table centres made with freshly cut flowers and candles are readily available and practical ways to do this. Unlike venue dressing props like an inflatable cactus or oversized sombrero, you certainly won’t be left wondering what to do these items after entertaining. Ora’s permanent bases can also provide the colour injection necessary to give a get together just a little more polish. They come in a range of colours that coordinate with a host of popular interior colour combinations and looks. If you’re after a New England feel then our Taupe and White bases will fit right in.  Something more beachy and nautical? Perhaps the Red base with navy blue accessories. Or our Lime Green bases complement classic floral green and white displays perfectly.

If you’ve got any more suggestions on how Ora can be a helping hand at a barbecue or get together get in touch and let us know!  We love to hear fresh ideas from our Ora Circle. We can be reached on hello@ora-home.com or find us on Instagram or Facebook on @ora_home.