Ora’s New Look

This month you might notice that your stack of 100 Ora household towels looks a little different. More sunshiney we think; emphasising our roundishness in the design, and more clearly communicating what Ora is about.

That’s because we’ve changed our packaging to make it obvious that what’s inside, is also now a little different. But different in a good way. In a better way. For you and for our planet.

The origins of Ora have always been rooted in trying to find a way to reduce the unnecessary waste typically associated with household towels. Since then our production and design of Ora has evolved to become even more eco-friendly.

Our stacks of Ora Household Towels now come with a paper top cone, instead of a plastic top cone. The sleeve is now clear, using a different plastic, which makes it even easier to recycle. We’re also proud to have managed to develop a process which allows for our bases to be made using the waste from our manufacturing process.

We don’t plan to stop there though. We are committed to always striving to find a way to ensure we waste less to help you waste less too. After all, according to the legendary conservationist David Attenborough, if there is one thing we can all do to help the environment, it is to waste less. And although we like to break the rules every now and again, we think this is one rule worth following.

June 01, 2021
Tags: News