Ora on the move

In the car, on a picnic, at the park; mess doesn’t stay at home and neither does Ora.

BBQs in the garden, picnics in the park, trips to the seaside – all the things a family loves doing, Ora does too.  And when the car is loaded up with only the smallest space to peer out the rear window, Ora’s versatility offers napkins, tissues, wipes and towels – all in one compact stack.

Waving your teenager off to their first festival? Stick Ora in that bulging backpack.  Hygiene may not be high on their list of priorities but they will thank you at midnight when the loo paper’s gone walkies.

Camping trip?  Instant plates that don’t need washing up and instant wiper-uppers when you do.

Chuck it in and off you go.  Share some of your out-and-about Ora experiences here.