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August 2018, Country Wives - The All-Round, Very Modern Kitchen Towel

April 2018, Instagram Coverage

April 2018, My Baba - New Products for Mamas and Mamas to Be

April 2018, Family Friendly Foods - Win a Year's Supply

March 2018, Instagram Coverage 

March 2018, Tissue World - Squeeze on Tissue Margins

March 2018 Queen of Clean - Ora is More Than Just a Paper Towel

February 2018, Instagram Coverage 


December 2017, Mad House of Cats and Babies - Getting Christmassy

November, 2017, Tissue World - Shrinkflation

October 2017, Mama Mummy Mum - Celebrating World Space Week

October 2017, Along Came Poppy - Get Crafting with Goodnight Spaceman

October 2017, Let's Do Something Crafty - Kid's Crafts: Making Astronauts

October 2017, Science Sparks - Space Science with Ora

October 2017, Nine to Three Thirty - Ora Space 

October 2017, The Brick Castle - Space Week Activities

October 2017, Emmys Mummy - World Space Week

October 2017, Crafts on the Sea - Goodnight Spaceman Craft with Ora

September 2017, VegBurge - Ora Towel Review

August 2017, Francesca Zampollo - Why a Round Towel?

August 2017, Holiday Living - Innovative Holiday Products

July 2017, The Grocery Trader - New Listing with

June 2017, Scottish Grocer and Convenience Retailer - Quality and Price are Key

March 2017, Women's Own - Easy Spring Clean Tricks 

February 2017, Busy Bee Mummy Bex - Easy Spring Clean Tricks

February 2017, Scottish Grocer and Convenience Retailer - Performance Key in Paper

February 2017, The Grocery Trader - Get Ready for a Spring Clean with Ora

February 2017, The Grocery Trader - Quote / Unquote 


17th December 2016, The Grocer - Top Products Survey 2016 - Paper Products

10th December 2016, The Mad House of Cats and Babies, A little bit of creativity with Ora

26th October 2016, Crafts on Sea, Winter Tree Suncatchers 

22nd June 2016, CountryWives, Ora - Award Winning Kitchen Towel

May 2016, My Mummy Reviews, Review Of The New Ora Kitchen Towel Base & The New Ora Handy Pack

20th April, The List, Ora's Crafty Kids Weekend

March-April, 2016, Tissue World, It's fierce out there - the battle for tissue raging across the UK Market

March-April 2016, Families NW London Magazine, What's New

15th March 2016, Beau is Blue, The One Hand Grab Kitchen Towel

5th March 2016, Motherhood Diaries, Half Term Fun at Ora's cookery Event

12th February 2016, West Wales Chronicle, Nation of Workaholics

10th February 2016, Deco Magazine, February Shopping: Nice and Eco does it

5th February 2016, Scottish Mum, Home Made Burgers with Red and Orange Peppers

5th February 2016, The Grocer, Ora Kitchen Towel brand gets Handy Pack and Holder products

4th February 2016, Battle Mum

30th January, 2016, The Grocer, Household category report 2016

19th January 2016, The Mad House of Cats and Babies

18th January, 2016, Midwife and Life


2 December 2015, Teen Tween Toddler

10th November 2015, Hannah and the mini-beasts

1st November 2015, Gingerbread House

5th October 2015, Adventures of Adam

27th September 2015, Sunday Mirror - Notebook: Green Idea

14th September 2015, My Mummy Reviews

7th September 2015, A Geordie Lost in London

August 2015, Daily Mail & Scottish Daily 

8th May 2015, Deco Mag

31st March 2015, Mum in the Madhouse

25th March 2015, Premier Clean Lincolnshire

6th March 2015, Mid Wales Journal & South Shropshire Journal 

26th February 2015, City AM

24th February 2015, Jewish Chronicle


6th December 2014, Jazz FM, Business Shapers - Interview with Oday Abbosh

27th October 2014, Frost Magazine

1st October 2014, The Grocer, New Product Awards 2014 winners revealed

9th August 2014, Bella 

8th July 2014, Sugar Pink Food blog

27th May 2014, Newslocker

25 May 2014, The Grocer, Ora kitchen towels set to go into more Tesco stores

15th May 2014, Fab Food 4 all

11th May 2014, We love food, it’s all we eat

3rd May 2014, Kitchen Delights

29th April 2014, The Purple Pumpkin Blog

13th January 2014, Ojo’s World


13th December 2013, BizzieBaby

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28th November 2013, Ninja Killer Cat

23rd November 2013, Over 40 and Mum to one

19th Nov 2013, Cakes bakes & cookies

20th October 2013, Kaya Deola Blog

18th October 2013, The Review Addict

2nd October 2013, Marketing Week, Open up the world of Innovative Creativity

28th August 2013, Your Home Magazine, Making Life Easy

18th August 2013, Worcester News, How clean is your home?

3rd July 2013, Kitchen Clan, Are conical towels in?

24th April 2013, Financial Times, Design space: conical kitchen towels

13th April 2013, Maris World, Ora the round kitchen towel revolution!

14th February 2013, Reluctant Housedad, Can you guess what this is?



6th November 2012, MummyPages, Ora Kitchen Towel from Tesco

15th October 2012, Tasty Magazine, Ora Kitchen Towel

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